Val Bourdos Nichas

It’s a brave new world out there.  The fact is the old rule book doesn’t apply any more.

Founder and originator of VBN in 2012, Val is a respected leader and visionary, with solid business experience spanning nearly 30 years.  Val has strong strategic skills and a thorough understanding of business planning and development.

Val’s outstanding business acumen is not surprising, given her career track record: a few of which include: Marketing Director for Edgars and Debonairs Pizza; Senior Vice President (Company Strategy, Sales, Marketing & Innovation) Rich Products Corporation of S.A.; MD of Tequila/TBWA and Managing Executive of Wimpy, Steers and QSR Brands - the Famous Brands division responsible for over 600 Steers, Fishaways, Giramundo and Blacksteer stores.

Val has been involved in Executive Coaching since 2004 – she regards the development of her leadership style, as a result of this skill, as one of the most significant growth experiences of her career.  It is her ability to develop and mentor high-performance individuals and teams that motivated her to start VBN.

Over the years Val has participated in various business courses and training programmes - her most recent includes the renowned Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme at Saïd Business School, Oxford University.


George Bourdos

To understand our youthful target market and anticipate their needs you have to know your Techno stuff! Companies need to keep pace with the rapid developments online and with social media – this is the language of the future …

George matriculated from St Alban’s High School Pretoria, where he was a College Prefect and Head of the College Public Relations portfolio.  He is currently completing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Entrepreneurship at the University of Pretoria.

George has been working part time at VBN Consultants for the past year, primarily focusing on competitive analysis, brand positioning and online research.  Prior to this he worked part time for two years as a Restaurant Manager at Ocean Basket.