What we do

VBN Consultants specialise in six core services: Business Strategy; Business Planning; Marketing Strategy; Project Management; Smart Idea Generation and Workshop Facilitation

We think and work outside the conventional business box to offer innovative and sustainable solutions to any business challenge.

Times have changed in the market place and in business. Everything is moving much faster now due to advances in technology, and it’s crucial that business processes keep up and evolve accordingly.

While the foundation of our strategic workshops remains the fundamentals of business planning, we’ve adopted more creative methodologies in our approach. The tools and exercises we use encourage participants to access more of their right brain to develop new ideas, innovations or solutions for their businesses.

When an individual is in an environment where there is no fear, the thinking is far superior - smart ideas are generated
this way.


Business Strategy

In our business strategy workshops, we help leaders understand their internal and external operating environments by assessing the current realities of their business and/or brands. We walk leaders through developing visions for their businesses, setting clear strategic objectives, identifying differentiators to give their brands a competitive edge and setting strategies for the future.

Business Planning

In our business planning sessions, we encourage leadership teams to use their business strategy to identify key drivers for their business. From this they are guided through developing strategic initiatives to support each driver and detailed action plans with measurable indicators and accountability tools to support each strategic initiative. We also show teams how to incorporate these elements into their KPIs or scorecard measures.

Our proprietary tool A.T.H.E.N.A™ is used to facilitate our Business Strategy and Business Planning Processes.
See How We Do It for more details.

Marketing Strategy

From the Business Plan we are able to assist companies in developing their marketing strategies. These strategies identify key marketing objectives and detail the brand blueprint i.e. how the brand will be positioned in the market place, what the consumer promise will be and what emotional or functional attributes the brand has to support that positioning and promise.

We also facilitate the development of communication strategies, to help teams identify their target customers and understand these customers’ psychographics and demographics; then develop communication plans to address issues such as product range, pricing, media, PR, retail focus and service offering. 

Project Management

We have a customized Project Management Tool: TRIO™ that provides a process for businesses to kick start a special project.  The tool focuses on the project objectives and deliverables.  It allows project teams to develop a project plan outlining all aspects of project planning to ensure the project gets off the ground and succeeds.

Smart Idea Generation

This is a dynamic process that helps leadership teams conceptualise smart ideas for competitive, leading edge opportunities.

Workshop Facilitation

We can help you run workshops across a wide variety of platforms, from identifying the problems and solutions facing your business, to out-of-the-box thinking sessions.