Unconventional thinking

Enabling Clients to turn ordinary companies into extra-ordinary, highly competitive, future forward businesses

It’s just not that simple for a leader to look beyond conventional business practices and processes in order to take their company forward to the next level - yet thought leaders and future forecasters agree that it’s this very unconventional, out-of-the-box thinking, that’ll ensure the long-term success of most modern businesses.

Our work is about assisting you in facilitating positive change. 

The tools and exercises we’ve developed motivate you to use more right brain thinking to develop ideas, innovations and solutions to ratchet up your game.   We enable you to leverage your intuition and experience at a deeper level to induce smart thinking that hones your competitive edge.


Effective change management

VBN Consultants facilitate strategic business planning workshops for leadership teams across many fields, some of which include: franchising, retail, fashion, food services, healthcare and marketing. 

We also work with successful entrepreneurs who, having started and grown successful businesses and brands, require expert knowledge of big brand and established business infrastructures, to introduce a more structured, systematic business planning approach to their own enterprises.